Keep Your Devices Charged On the Go – No Cords Needed!

“The only battery pack you’ll ever need.” – Mashable

Keeping your phone fully charged at home, work, the gym – ANYWHERE – is now easier than ever.

ChargeHubGO+ is the ONLY portable charger featuring patented SmartSpeed® Technology and a wireless charging pad for fast, convenient charging.

This all-in-one versatile charger ensures you’ll never have to worry about that ‘low battery’ message freaking you out again!

“The lightweight, slim design and built-in cables make ChargeHubGO+ my new go-to portable power bank.” – Rebecca Armstrong of Mac Sources

  • Universal Compatibility:
    • iPhone 5 or newer
    • iPad (Regular, Pro, Mini, Air)
    • Samsung Galaxy (S7 or newer)
    • Google Pixel
    • Samsung Note 4 & 5
    • LG
    • And more!
  • Pocket-Sized Portability – Easily fits in your pocket without the size and bulkiness of typical powerbanks.
  • Wireless Charging – Simply place your phone on top of the charging pad for a quick charge – no wires needed!
  • Ultra-Fast Charging – Patented SmartSpeed® technology auto-detects what device you plug in to ensure maximum charging speed WITHOUT overpowering your device.
  • Safe Charge Protection – Tested and certified to ensure you can charge all your expensive devices without risk of overpowering, overheating, or foreign object damage.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Here’s Why Customers Love ChargeHubGO+…


I love it so much I bought a second for the wife. And now thinking about 3rd one for the car. I have small tray area where I put my phone now. But with the wireless charging I can just throw in the cubby hole and have wireless charging in my car. It’s smaller than my Asus charger so I can slip in my pocket with phone.

As a busy professional, I’m constantly on the road, in airports and hotels, and ChargeHubGo+ makes it super easy for me to charge all of my devices at the same time. In the past, I’ve had to carry multiple devices with me and now those are eliminated, not to mention that the ChargeHubGo_ is slim and conpact and I can carry it easily in my purse or even a pocket if needed. I also appreciate that I can place my phone on top of the device for charging if I’m using all of the other ports. I’ve even shared the charging cables with colleagues and clients so we can all charge at the same time. Definitely recommend this to anyone!

Kristyn M.

Rich T.

The ChargeHubGO+ 5000 mAh All-in-One Charging Solution is the most versatile solution to charging on the go, we have ever seen.

The 5000 mAh ChargeHubGO+ is my new go-to portable power bank. Its lightweight, slim design and built-in charging cables make it compact and functional enough to carry around for everyday use, and its 5W wireless charging pad sets it apart.

Rebecca A.

Here’s what you get when you buy ChargeHubGO+

  • The ChargeHubGO+ portable power bank that features a wireless charging pad, a USB charging port, and 2 built-in charging cables that are compatible with Micro, Lightning™, and Type-C devices.
  • A User Manual that explains step-by-step how to use the ChargeHubGO+ with your device.
  • A 20” Micro Charging Cable for charging your ChargeHubGO+ power bank.
  • Patented SmartSpeed® Technology that provides the fastest possible charge for your devices with an impressive 15 watts of total power!

Get the Ultra-Versatile, All-In-One Powerbank for Charging on the Go!

“I love it so much I bought a second for the wife.” – Epic, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Have a Question? See Our FAQs

How do I use the ChargeHubGO+?

You’re gonna love how easy it is to charge your devices:

First, connect your phone or tablet to the appropriate built-in charging cable that’s compatible to your device (includes 1 Type-C and 1 Micro/Lightning™ Reversible Cable) or simply attach your device to the dedicated USB port located on the side of the ChargeHubGO+.

Next, simply press the button on the side of your ChargeHubGO+ (1-4 small blue lights should illuminate on the top to indicate the battery level when on).

Here’s the best part…

If you have a wireless charging enabled device, all you have to do is place it on the top of your ChargeHubGO+ so the circle is directly in contact with your devices wireless charging area – how’s that for convenience?

With so many ways to use ChargeHubGO+ you’re gonna love its versatility!

Will the wireless charging work while my phone case is still on my phone?

We cannot guarantee that ChargeHubGO+ will work with your particular phone case, as the thickness and build material differ between cases. However, generally speaking, the ChargeHubGO+ will work with thinner phone cases (ones that are under 5mm in thickness, which are fairly common).

Does this support Qualcomm Quick Charge?

ChargeHubGO+ uses patented SmartSpeed® Technology to intelligently identify which device you’ve plugged in and will automatically deliver the fastest possible charge for your particular device. The ChargeHubGO+ does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge.

Will ChargeHubGO+ work on ANY device?

Just about! The ChargeHubGO+ is compatible with almost any USB chargeable device, such as Apple devices and Android devices that include: iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, 6/6s Plus, 5/5s/5c, iPad Pro/Air/Air2/Mini, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S7/8/S9/Edge/Plus, Note 4/5, Google Pixel, LG, Windows, Nexus, HTC, MP3, Cameras, and more, with a few exceptions for large, power-hungry electronic devices like laptops.

How quickly does it charge?

All phones are different and will vary in how long they will take to charge. However, the ChargeHubGO+ delivers an industry leading 5W charge when wirelessly charging. This is the same power delivery speed as most high-end charging pads.

What cords come with the ChargeHubGO+?

All ChargeHubGO+ devices come with two built-in charging output cables (1 Type-C and 1 Micro/Lightning™ Reversible Cable), which can simultaneously charge both Apple devices and Android devices.

Each ChargeHubGO+ also comes with a USB to micro-USB cable for charging your ChargehubGO+. Plug it directly into your existing USB wall adapter (the standard iPhone / Android wall adapter) or any USB port.

Do you offer a money back guarantee or warranty?

All ChargeHubGO+ devices come with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. When you see how fast it charges and how convenient it is to take with you and use, returning it will be the last thing you want to do.

How long does delivery take to countries outside of the U.S.?

We ship orders out FAST, but we can’t control carrier transit times. For orders outside the USA, please allow 7-12 business days for your order to arrive. Delivery times will vary based on country.