The Best Way To Keep Your Devices Charged In the Great Outdoors


I’ll start by saying that when you’re in nature, you should be in nature. 

Don’t constantly be reaching for your phone. 

Just be in the moment.

But ALWAYS keep a charged phone. This is your ultimate safety device whenever you’re exploring, hiking, or venturing out. 

It’s a phone call for help. It’s a flashlight in the dark. It’s a map. Need I say more? Just keep it charged.

But when you’re backpacking, hiking, or just walking around outside, you really don’t want to have to think about carrying something bulky or heavy with a thousand cords around just to keep a charge. 

It needs to be lightweight, easy to use, and seriously powerful. 

I thought I could forgo something like this in my early hiking days. I had heard Joshua Tree was all the rage and thought if all of these “influencers” could handle it, then so could I. I barely packed and just went with some buddies and hiked off into the desert. 

Not long after, we quickly got lost. 

We found ourselves without charged phones — tired, hungry, and mad at each other. We ended up hiking aimlessly in the hot desert for miles until we finally ran into someone with a phone who could show us the way. 

Thankfully we were OK, but it wasn’t the enjoyable trip it should have been. 

After trying all of the top-rated products on the market, there is only one portable charging device I trust to take with me on my outdoor adventures. It’s called the ChargeHubGo + and nothing else compares.

What’s the ChargeHubGO+?


The ChargeHubGO+ is the easiest, fastest, and slimmest universal portable charger. 

For me, it’s a way to make sure I’m always prepared on my travels.

You can use it to charge up to four devices at once without needing to pack a single cord of your own. 

Even better, the ChargeHubGO+ is the only charging device on the market with their patented SmartSpeed technology, which takes your battery from zero to full with lightning speed. In just a few minutes, you can give yourself enough battery life for the day or get you out of a pickle. 

My motto to “always be prepared” may have failed me back in Joshua Tree, but I’ve been able to stick to it completely with the help of the ChargeHubGO+. 

Whether I’m out on one of my hikes or just going about a normal day, now I really am always prepared with the ChargeHubGO+. 

Life is much simpler and easier with this sense of preparedness. I don’t have to pack a tangled knot of cords and all of my devices are constantly charged and ready to go. I can just walk out the door without adding any extra weight.

How Does It Work?


You can charge up to four devices at once — virtually any device — using just the ChargeHubGO+ itself. No extra cords!

To charge wirelessly, simply place your phone on top of the wireless charging bank. You’ll notice the SmartSpeed technology right away, and see just how fast this thing pumps your battery up. 

To charge multiple phones at once, pull the built-in cables out from the ChargeHubGO+. You’ll find:

  • 1 Android cable
  • 1 Apple cable
  • The wireless charging pad on top of the device

If you’d like to charge even more devices, like a speaker or headphones, you can use the universal USB port. 

Any charger you have that connects through a USB will work here as well. 

The ChargeHubGO+ is quite the versatile tool, which is why I like it so much. You would be hard-pressed to find something this could not charge.

Why It’s Perfect For the Outdoors


Of course the main draw for me personally was how easy this would be to take with me on my travels. 

When you’re out and about all day you need an extra charge, especially when your phone isn’t brand new. But most portable chargers are annoying to carry around. 

Not the ChargeHubGO+.

The ChargeHubGO+ is the only portable charger on the market to carry a 5,000 mAh battery in such a slim size.

 It’s perfect for hiking around, fitting in my pocket, or thrown in my backpack. Anything else available with even close to this much power will be much bigger and bulkier. 

If you prefer bigger and bulkier, suit yourself. But for those who prefer mobility and ease when they travel, stick with the ChargeHubGO+.

It Protects Your Phone From Damage As Well


Before I bought the ChargeHubGO+, I had a bad experience with a different brand. 

Their portable charger completely fried my phone and the cable I plugged in. So I was wary to even try something new. 

But ChargeHubGO+ offers Safe Charge Protection, which prevents your devices from overheating and foreign object damage — two problems that occur all the time with other options. 

The Safe Charge Protection also auto-detects the various devices you’re plugging in and knows the optimal speed at which to charge. 

This way, your device never gets overpowered or fried. Don’t make the same mistake I did and make sure you have Safe Charge Protection the first time.

The ChargeHubGO+ Gives You Your Time Back


At the end of the day, the tech you bring into your life should enrich it and work well for you. The ChargeHubGO+ truly does this for me, especially during the time I spend traveling. 

While before I may have had to spend extra time waiting around for a charged phone before I could safely proceed, now I can carry on with my day and know I’ll always have the charge I need on hand. 

I can get back to enjoying nature without having to feel anxious or worried. To be honest, I can’t even remember the last time a red battery level was a concern of mine. 

I also like that when I go on group hikes, I can share a charge with a friend (or 3) when they need one, no matter what kind of device they have. 

This way we don’t all have to bring our own backup chargers. Ask any hiker, less things to carry is always better.

Enjoy Nature, Worry-Free With the ChargeHubGO+

It’s perfectly suited for any device. It’s incredibly lightweight and fast. It’s affordable and works for tons of different customer types. Just look at what the thousands of other purchasers have to say so  far:


But for me personally, I just love the freedom the ChargeHubGO+ provides. I can get back to nature without any hassle and know that just in case I need my phone, I’ll always have it. And hey, on regular days when I’m at the office or walking around town, it’s nice to know my phone is always charged then too.

If you think you could use a reliable, extra charge in your life, I can’t recommend the ChargeHubGO+ enough. There’s even a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you try the product and still aren’t convinced after 30 days, you can get your money back, no questions asked.


It won’t take up any room, but it will provide you with all the time in the world. Try it on your next hike, you won’t regret it.