I love my smartphone…..I hate my smartphone’s battery life. 

I’ll admit… my phone is ALWAYS in my hand... and I usually have several apps running at once, so my battery runs down FAST

It’s such a hassle because I can never go anywhere without having a charger cord in my pocket. Which, of course, I’m constantly forgetting.  

My friends jokingly voted me “the friend most likely to ask to borrow your charger”. 

And they were right. At least, until recently…

I’d been seeing a ton of ads for this product called ChargeHubGO+ — the “best charger you’ll ever own”–– so I decided to test it out and see if it lived up to the hype.

Spoiler Alert: This thing is worth its weight in gold…keep reading to see why.

What Is It?

ChargeHubGO+ is an ultra-slim portable wireless phone charger that slips in your pocket like a phone. 

It has several different types of charger cords BUILT-IN — AND it doubles as a wireless charger. In other words, even if you’re constantly forgetting a charger cord like I am, it’s practically IMPOSSIBLE to let your phone die on you.

It’s SUPER-SLIM –– no wider than your average smartphone. So you don’t have the feeling of carrying a bulky power bank around all day.

It holds enough juice to charge your phone UP TO FIVE TIMES! 

AND….it works ULTRA-FAST. In fact, it gives the fastest charge the device will allow!

How It Works:

It’s super simple…

Step 1: Charge the ChargeHubGO+

Step 2: Plug in your device using the built-in USB cables


Place your device on top of the ChargeHubGO+ wireless charging pad (if it allows for wireless charging).

Voilà! You’ve got a (quickly) charged device anywhere!

But let's talk about the #1 question I get about ChargeHubGO+ (since it might be on your mind.)

The #1 Question I get About ChargeHubGO+

The biggest thing people ask me about ChargeHubGO+ is “How do you remember to keep it charged?”

I totally understand the question because adding ANOTHER thing to your list of stuff to remember isn’t doable.

That’s why I don’t add another thing to my list...I charge it WITH my phone every night.

I just plug my charger into my ChargeHubGO+ and then plug my phone in with every morning I have 600% battery life in my pocket.

What It Did For Me

Even my phone usage is no match for ChargeHubGO+.

It’s been so easy to keep my phone charged ALL THE TIME, I can barely remember what the low battery sign on my phone looks like. 

I can leave home early in the morning, come back after midnight, and not ONCE give a second thought about getting a charge. 

I’ve even taken this on vacation with me, and it did not disappoint.

Last month, my girls and I went on a road trip. I sat in the backseat, on my phone for most of the trip, and my battery never dropped below 50%.

I can’t begin to express how highly I recommend this thing.


Since I first wrote this, people have been sending me TONS of messages asking where to get the best deal on ChargeHubGO+.

I found this site that not only gives 40% off regular retail, but they’re running some special deals if you buy more than one.

I just stocked up for the holidays, and you should too.

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